Friday, April 17, 2015

My Future Career Interests

I don't really know which future career interests I have. I'm on a special business administration school in Germany, in which I'm focusing in business jobs, office jobs or programming jobs. I've chosen to go to this school because business is our future. We will need more and more programmers in the future because the whole industry is changing to less human workers and more robots. Somebody has to program the systems for these and their skills. That's the reason why I focused on going to a business school because we will need those jobs more and more in our future world.


  1. Robin, the world is certainly becoming more automated and computer reliant. As you continue to explore your future, know that there are a variety of types of programming out there. In today's work world almost every industry has it's own software which is programmed for a specific type of industry. I believe that whatever you choose to do you will do well since you are a fast learner, good at checking for understanding and have demonstrated initiative in your learning here in the U.S. Your hard work ethics will definitely get you to your goal.

  2. I agree with you Robin. Our world is changing by every day that goes by. We are starting to rely more on robots to do our things then humans.

  3. Very true Robin, I'm very fascinated that you have chosen your future career thoroughly. For me, I want to major in business or become a mechanical engineer in creating nanotechnology because like you said we need someone to program these machines. We must choose what we want as career in the future because the world will open new jobs.