Thursday, April 23, 2015

Ethics in Your Life

I have chosen the topic "Explain what you think work ethics are or how they can be be demonstrated". I have chosen this topic for a special reason because I've seen now many different work ethics in many countries. What does work ethics mean for myself? Work ethics is in my opinion consisting of three main points, behavior, personal attitude and hygiene. I think that work ethics is one of the most important part in our school life as well as in the job life. Without right behavior, attitude and personal hygiene you will be not successful. It is important to set priorities for himself. Another point how you can show good work ethics would be the successful and fast solved work which is very important. Manager's want fast workers because they are solving more jobs in less time, time is money in this point of view. So speed is playing also a big role in the job or in school.


  1. Its true that managers want fast workers but sadly at times we humans tend to do good in the beginning of our jobs and as time goes we tend to start slacking at our jobs. The good thing is that there are also those hard working people who don't slack off at work.

  2. Robin, I like the way you categorized work ethics. That is an easy way to break it down. Thank you for stating you post with explanations to your statement.